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State & Local Scholarships

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School Specific Scholarships

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National Scholarships

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Senior Scholarship Evening


Hartford Union High School will be hosting a Senior Scholarship Evening to recognize all seniors receiving scholarships and those community/business members providing the scholarships. This event will be on Sunday, May 15th at HUHS in the Drama Lecture Hall from 5pm - 6pm (Park outside Exit 6).  We hope all seniors receiving scholarships and their parents will attend the Senior Scholarship Evening for recognition and to meet scholarship donors.  We kindly ask that all seniors receiving scholarships click here and follow the steps to provide us with every scholarship you have earned.  Further information will be sent out between now and the Scholarship evening, so please pay attention to emails and message center messages.  Thank you and congratulations in advance!


Scholarship Tips


The top things a senior should check out when applying for scholarships:

  • HUHS Scholarship Foundation: Awards approximately 50 scholarships for 4-year or 2-year degrees.
  • Scholarship Database: An online list of local, state, and national scholarships will be available for students to search by due date.
  • Scholarship Tips: Assistance is available for writing scholarship essays by clicking here.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Most scholarships require you to submit letters of recommendation when you apply for consideration. These letters usually include information about your academic and co-curricular achievements, as well as a personal assessment about who you are. Teachers, counselors, coaches, employers, clergy, and other adults who know you well are good people to ask for letters of recommendation. Please allow two weeks for this process.


Tips for Filling Out Scholarship Applications

  • Type the application if possible.
  • If typing is not possible, use black ink and print neatly and legibly.
  • Proof read for grammar, spelling, etc. Remember this is a reflection of yourself and this may be the only way a selection committee formulates an impression of you.
  • Do not write on the back of the page when writing essays, etc. Use an additional sheet of paper if necessary.
  • Be prompt when submitting an application. Applications handed in past the due date will not be accepted.
  • Do not hesitate to apply for lots of scholarships! At the local level, someone is going to be awarded the money. Many scholarship committees attempt to communicate with each other to avoid giving the monies repeatedly to the same students. You may have to apply for many scholarships before you receive one, so do not be discouraged.
  • Remember to include on the application all co-curricular activities (sports, clubs, jobs, etc.) and any volunteer work. Also include letters of recommendation from teachers, employers, etc., even if the application does not require or request them.
  • Never pay money to apply for a scholarship! Any application requiring money may be a scam.

Letter of Recommendation Form

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