To comply with new federal regulations for school meals, the Food & Nutrition Services Department had to make a few changes to items and meals served at lunch.  One of the new requirements is that all meals must now have a minimum of one serving of fruit or vegetable on the tray.  Students who receive meals for free or at a reduced rate will be charged full price for the items on their tray if a fruit or vegetable is not selected.   For questions regarding this or any of the other required changes that have been made, please contact

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Lunch Options

There are three types of lunches offered each day that follow the meal pattern guidelines and nutrient guidelines set forth by the USDA. All students can enjoy any of the following meals during their designated lunch hour.

Oriole Lunch Line

Cafe Favs… $2.60
Regularly rotating favorites such as Pasta, Taco, and Mashed Potato Bowls. All Cafe Fav meals come with a choice of freshly prepared vegetables, fruits, and milk.

Daily Eats… $2.60
The Daily Eats entree changes daily and comes with tossed salad, hot or fresh vegetables, fruit, a side dish, and milk. 

Good 2 Go… $2.60
Featured pizza, hot sandwich, deli sandwich, or chef salad come with fresh vegetables, fruit, and milk.  

All meals must include a 1/2 cup serving of fruit or vegetable to be considered a meal. Additional retail items such as bottled drinks, packaged snacks, and cookies can be purchased at each of the serving lines. 

All foods and beverages are to be consumed in the cafeteria. Students cannot have fast food delivered or bring fast food for other students.

Ala Carte

In addition to the balanced lunch, students have the option of purchasing individual items at each of the lunch lines.  Items such as bottled water, 100% juice, sandwich wraps, pizza, salads, fresh fruit, and packaged snacks. These items are at full price for all students. Parents who do not want their child to purchase these additional items should complete the Ala Carte Restriction Form and return it to the Food & Nutrition Services Office.  Students must have money in their account to purchase any items from the Ala Carte Line.

Students who bring a meal from home or wish to purchase extra milk may do so for 35¢ in any of the serving lines.

Ala Carte Prices

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