Technology Literacy Standards
Technology Literacy Standards

The Technology Literacy Standards are a graduation requirement that is introduced Freshmen year at HUHS. The standards correlate with assignments that are given to all freshmen in core classes such as Biology, English 9, World Cultures and Health. These standards are aligned with the International Society for Technology in Education's (ISTE) Student Standards.

HUHS Technology Literacy Standards

1. Empowered  Learner and Effective Oral Communicator
Students select digital tools to demonstrate competency in learning targets to an audience of their peers

  • Student selects a slide deck tool to present information in front of an audience. Slide deck used as a visual aid to enhance communication.
    PowerPoint or Google Slides used for a presentation in class

2.   Global Collaborator
Students used technology to connect and collaborate locally and globally

  • Student uses online collaborative technology to collaborate 
    Group project paper with Google Doc (done with students inside or outside of HUHS)
    Group project presentation with Google Slides (done with students inside or outside of HUHS)
    Skype session, Google Hangout with an expert to learn more deeply about a topic.  Evidence would be a summary of the session.

3.   Knowledge Constructor
Students leverage information skills and digital tools to locate, analyze and evaluate sources

  • Uses research tools to find sources for a report
    Student creates annotation or a bibliography.  Evidence must be 3 annotations (E9 research paper) or a bibliography in proper APA or MLA format using at least 3 different sources (databases, Internet, interview, Infographic, video, etc).

4.  Computational Thinker
Students use tools to create, analyze and interpret data. Tool functionality is used to automate processes

  • Student uses a spreadsheet (Excel or Google Sheets for example) to
    Collect and organize data - (Biology - Dot Matrix) World Cultures country comparison  graphs and data analysis
    Create charts and graphs - (Biology - Dot Matrix)  World Cultures
    Sort data - (Biology - Dot Matrix)

5.  Digital Citizen
Students advocate and practice safe, legal and responsible use of technology

  • This will be addressed on a mass scale with a learning event and quiz
    Jump Start and Resource.  Access the presentation and quiz HERE.

6.  Creative Learner and Innovative Designer
Students use multiple technologies interdependently to create solutions to meet learning targets

  • Multiple digital tools are used to complete a project
    Use Google Sites, Maps and other tools together (World Cultures - Adopt a County)
    Health annotated interview-- using audio or video recorder and inserting into a movie program

For questions about these standards, please use the
following contact information:

 Student in grades 10-12, Mr. Nathan Mielke 670.3236
     Student in grade 9, Mrs. Michelle Yu  670.3245


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