HUHS Forensics
HUHS Forensics


Forensics is a collection of 20 competitive public speaking events covering a wide range of styles. The categories students can choose from may be humorous and serious, original and interpretive. Some are spontaneous in delivery, while others require reading or memorization. They range in length from four minutes to twelve minutes, including individual and group categories. Each student can choose the category she or he will find to be the most fun! The name "forensics" comes from the concept of putting pieces of evidence together to reach a conclusion. In the early days of Wisconsin forensics competition, most categories required that kind of logical, persuasive accumulation of evidence. Now only a few categories are like that.

Why should I consider joining the Oriole Forensics team?

It’s fun!  It’s different kinds of fun for different people. Some enjoy the competition.  Some just love the opportunity to communicate their ideas to others. Some enjoy meeting people from other schools, often making lasting friendships. Some love to make people laugh, others to make people cry or frighten them.  (These folks usually end up in the acting categories.)  It will help you develop one of your most important skills: communication.  Many former forensics team members come back and tell us that their forensics experience has been hugely helpful in their careers and in college.  Participating in forensics is an investment in your future. You can be on the forensics team at the same time you participate in other activities. Practice opportunities are flexible and varied to meet your individual needs.  You may attend as many meets as you'd like, scheduling your own tournament dates early in the season, to accommodate your other activity needs. 

Who should join the Oriole Forensics team?

The forensics team is one of the most diverse co-curricular groups at HUHS.  We have athletes, musicians, actors, future lawyers, FBLA members, FFA members, writers, scientists and many others.  Some have previous forensics experience, but many do not.  Not only do you belong to a big team, but you also find groups of people on the team who share your particular interests.  Our team usually consists of 65-85 students.

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