HUHS Dance Team
HUHS Dance Team

2016-17 Dance Team

The HUHS Dance Team promotes school spirit and encourages enthusiasm for all athletic teams at Hartford Union High School. Our team mission is to bring a group of individuals together as one unit and to strive towards common goals of excellence through dance and entertainment.

This team strives to promote: opportunities for all team members to learn and participate, opportunities for fair and open competition, individual responsibility, support for all dancers including support of the members of the team for one another throughout all activities, grade level, and levels of ability, an atmosphere which encourages friendships and social activities among all participants, and enhancement of physical and mental conditioning. 

The dance team performs at half-time for all home football games and all home varsity girls and boys basketball games.  We also participate in the pep rally, homecoming parade, and other community events. 

Dance Team

CONGRATULATIONS to the follow girls who made DANCE TEAM for the 2016 - 2017 Basketball season:

Kayla Doege
Holly Beske
Nicole Kern
Bailey Nelson
Sierra Moskow
Adriana Andrews
Marissa Telderer
Denisha Smith
Trinitiee Willerton
Anna Kregel
Caterina Galioto
Lacy Buending
Amanda Dentice
Olivia Carrol
Emma Kujawa
Ashton Lindl
Chloe Gruszynski
Casie Dipaola
Lacie Fulsher

If you have any questions, please contact the Dance Coach, Dana O'Neill at


Photos of the Team

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