Students may receive college level credit for taking AP classes while in high school.  In order to receive college level credit, the student must take the designated test which will be administered at HUHS in May.  The student must score at a required level on the test in order to be eligible for college credit.  

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has entered into a partnership with ACT® Inc. to comprehensively assess Wisconsin high school students:

  • 9th grade students & 10th grade students will take the ACT Aspire™Early High School assessment in the Spring.
  • 11th grade students will take the ACT® Plus Writing and the ACT® WorkKeys® Assessment System in the Spring.

ACT Aspire™Early High School – ACT Aspire assesses student readiness in English, Math, Reading, Science & Writing.  ACT Aspire is a computer based assessment in Wisconsin except for students who require accommodations through Braille, Large Print or American Sign Language who will take ACT Aspire in a paper and pencil format.

The ACT® Plus Writing – The ACT Plus Writing consists of four multiple-choice tests: English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science; and a 30-minute test that measures writing skills.  ACT Plus Writing will be a paper based test in Wisconsin.

All Juniors are required to take the ACT with writing each spring as part of the statewide assessment program now in place.  The March ACT is paid by the school district.  We will be offering preparation classes closer to the March test.  If March will be your first test, we suggest waiting to take the preparation classes closer to this date.  We will be offering a preparation course prior to the June ACT date as well.

ACT® WorkKeys® - ACT WorkKeys is an applied skills assessment that helps students compare their skills to the skills real jobs require.  Wisconsin students take three WorkKeys assessments: Locating Information, Reading for Information, and Applied Mathematics.  ACT WorkKeys will is a paper based test in Wisconsin.

An admission test used by technical colleges throughout the state of Wisconsin to make a determination on a student's ability to be successful in his/her selected program.  Students participate in this assessment after they have applied to a technical college.  For more information, please visit: www.accuplacerpractice.com

A test used by the United States Armed Services for a job selection within the various branches of the military. The ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) does not obligate you to the military in any way. The ASVAB is typically available to Hartford Union High School during Spring.  For more information, please visit: www.asvabprogram.com


All students are required by the State of Wisconsin to pass a civics test as part of the graduation requirements. The test is identical to the national naturalization (citizenship) test. It is a computer-based test consisting of 100 multiple-choice questions. Most students will take the test in their sophomore year as part of their Civics course or AP US Government course. Other opportunities will be made available for testing throughout the school year. Students must correctly answer 60 questions to pass.


Students in grade 10 are required to take the Wisconsin Forward Exam each spring. This is a computer-based, multiple-choice exam that tests students’ knowledge in social studies.

College-bound juniors should consider taking the PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test), which is the best preparation for the SAT and entry into the National Merit Scholarship Corporation programs. It is an optional exam that measures critical reading, mathematical reasoning, and writing skills that are important for success in college. Students do not have to recall facts from literature, history, science, or math formulas, as this test measures reasoning and critical thinking skills.

Juniors register for this test in September in the Counseling Office. Students who score very high on this assessment could be considered for a scholarship from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.  For more information, please visit: www.collegeboard.org 

A test used by colleges for the admission process. The SAT test may be necessary for some students who plan on applying to colleges on the east or west coast.  Junior should apply for this test in either April or June.  This test is taken off campus.  For more information about the SAT and to register for an SAT testing date, please visit: www.sat.collegeboard.org.

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