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HUHS Receives ‘Perfect Perkins Performance’ Awards for Career and Technical Education Programs

Hartford Union High School is among 6 school districts in the state that received “Perfect Perkins Performance” awards during a September workshop in Stevens Point.

The “Perfect Perkins Performance” award recognizes Career and Technical Education programs for meeting national indicators of program participation and student achievement as part of the federal Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006. Specifically, Hartford Union received a certificate for having Career and Technical Education participants who

  • enroll in and complete programs representing non-traditional occupations;
  • successfully complete academic coursework toward district graduation requirements and successfully complete either a work-based learning program or tech prep coursework;
  • graduate from high school at a rate equal to or higher than students who were not Career and Technical Education participants; and
  • engage in positive outcomes after graduation such as pursuing postsecondary education, joining the military, or entering the workforce.

The HUHS Career & Technical Education (CTE) program consists of four departments: Agriculture, Business & Information Technology, Family & Consumer Science, and Technology & Engineering Education. The district offers several state certified COOPs and Internships, which allow students to apply what they are learning in the classroom in the real world. Hartford Union also offers 22 courses that can be taken by HUHS students and if completed, students will be awarded with both high school and technical college credit.

Not only do students in Wisconsin with a background in Career and Technical Education have a 94% graduation rate, research also shows that those with a technical education background earn more than those without this advantage. 

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